Condo Owner Wants To Resolve His Tale Of Two Insurance Compa

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Condo Owner Wants To Resolve His Tale Of Two Insurance Compa

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NY1 For You: Brooklyn Condo Owner Wants To Resolve His Tale Of Two Insurance Companies
02/23/2012 04:59 PM
By: Susan Jhun

Nearly eight weeks since a pipe broke in an unit three floors above condo owner John Lee's apartment in Downtown Brooklyn, he still has gaping holes in his ceilings.

"For about five to six hours, it rained in my apartment as if it were a torrential downpour," says Lee. "This is, like, affecting me, you know, mentally, emotionally, financially. And I'm just like beyond mad or frustrated, I'm just like exhausted."

Lee has not been able to get his insurance company, Allstate, or the building's insurance company, Fireman's Fund, to pay for the estimated $50,000 in damages.

"The building is citing the bylaw and saying they are not responsible for the actual, physical unit that is owned by an apartment owner. And my insurance company, Allstate, is saying they are only responsible, according to the bylaw, what's physically inside my apartment from painted walls in," says Lee.

Therefore, Lee says neither insurance company is willing to take responsibility.

"I don't know who's at fault here because I'm not a lawyer, but Allstate at least should represent me and help me throughout this process instead of just pointing the finger at the other party and saying, 'You know, we're not liable, therefore it's on you and good luck,'" says Lee.

NY1 contacted Allstate and the company released the following statement: "Although we cannot comment on specific claims, we treat every claim with urgency. Allstate remains in constant communication with its policy holders through the claim handling process, and makes sure those customers who are impacted by a loss are made whole. We remain in constant contact with this customer."

Representatives at the building insurance's company, Fireman's Fund, also confirmed to NY1 they have contacted Allstate to discuss Lee's claim.

"I just want it fixed. I'm really not trying to point fingers at one company or the other," says Lee.

NY1 For You will continue to follow this story.
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