Fighting For A Cause Sometimes Has A Price

I am now posting the articles I receive, to this board instead of the front page. I think it will simplify things and I can get the articles posted quicker. Our sincere thanks to Deborah True who sends most of them to us.

Fighting For A Cause Sometimes Has A Price

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I Received This In An E-mail And Thought It Would Be Great Here. It is very costly for some to do what is right!

Just a note to say, keep up the good fight!!!

I am not certain if I will be of any assistance to your group of concerned consumers; however, to understand what I am doing.

I was banned from the insurance industry... Across the US, adjusters and PI firms have been advised by major insurance carriers NOT to assign files to me or my company, Onvideo Investigations.

After 30 years as an Insurance Fraud Investigator, I have become an advocate for the injured/disabled, specifically, Chronic Pain Patients.

It is my intention to produce an educational tool for claimant's to use as they navigate the claims process. This is in the infancy stage and is just a work in progress for now. But, I believe it will be something the insurance industry will NOT want to see in print or on television.

I have worked for Allstate in the past and have seen first hand the abuses they commit.
Don Thompson

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