Richard Lee--Sr. Claim Service Adjuster

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Richard Lee--Sr. Claim Service Adjuster

Unread postby captcb » Wed May 30, 2012 2:56 pm

I just want to start off by saying this guy is TERRIBLE. I have been a catastrophe adjuster since 2008 and I have worked for several insurance companies during that time. I recently went to work for a contractor and met this guy at a home inspection for hail damage. Note: I worked 8 months last year inspecting homes for hail damage, so I know what I am looking for. During our conversation, I found out that this guy has only been an adjuster for 6 months. We inspected the property together and after the inspection, this guy determined that the roof did not have enough hail damage to total it, but the roofs on the homes on each side of the home WERE TOTALLED. He totalled the gutters, window wraps, and awnings, but determined the roof did not have much damage although the damage was obvious and I pointed it out to him.(He ignored me) He did many things wrong during this inpsection, including the size of his test squares for hits, and then did not use the proper calculations. He also did not allow for the proper size of the window awnings or the proper kind of patio cover the customer had. Out of 19 line items in the estimate, only 6 were right. After reviewing the estimate, I called the adjuster to discuss it with him. We went over it all and I pointed out all of his mistakes. He seemed pretty OK with it at the time, but he later called the homeowner and said some really nasty things about me and the company that I worked for. I hate that I had to call him out and confront him on his job and estimate, but maybe if he was properly trained and did it right the first time we would not be where we are right now. Just remember...If you see this guy coming to inspect your home....request another adjuter.
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