Congratulations to Allstate, You’re No. 1!

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Congratulations to Allstate, You’re No. 1!

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Congratulations to Allstate, You’re No. 1!

Allstate is reliable. Allstate reliably produces the nets behind College football goal posts. Allstate guarantees that during every field goal or extra-point attempt, you will see those hands that look like you are receiving the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass – the “Good Hands”. Allstate also guarantees its policyholders that it will send premium notices on time and if these are not paid timely, Allstate will cancel your policy.

Allstate’s reliability also extends to its claims handling procedures. Allstate guarantees that every claim will be met with the 3 Ds: Delay, Denial and Defend. Allstate guarantees that it will not offer its claimants the real value of a claimant’s claim. And, Allstate guarantees its claimants that every claim will be low-balled to protect its profits so that Allstate’s CEO can continue to buy mansions and to pay those rising jet fuel costs for the private jet. That is the Allstate way!

Allstate’s reliable and guaranteed claims handling procedures have placed it at the top of the list of Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies recently issued by the American Association for Justice.

Frankly, Allstate should be put out of business. Its business practices were best described by a former Allstate adjuster, Jo Ann Katzman, “We were told to lie by our supervisors – it’s tough to look at people and know you are lying.” According to Allstate’s CEO Thomas Wilson, Allstate’s mission is clear “our obligation is to earn a return for our stockholders.” In layman terms, our obligation is to making profits and to screw the premium-paying customers. According to Mr. Wilson, that is the Allstate way!

Not to be outdone by any of its competitors (and the competition has been trying to catch up), Allstate has mastered the art of screwing people. In the mid-90s Allstate hired consultants McKinsey & Company to perfect a strategy designed to screw its claimants (including policyholders/customers making a claim). There are many parts of this evil strategy. One part includes a program called Colossus that “evaluates” your claim and generates “low-ball” offers that are submitted to the claimants. If the claimants take the low-ball offers, Allstate treats them with “good hands” because these claimants saved Allstate some money. Those claimants who recognize that Allstate is low-balling them and reject that colossally B.S. offer get the “boxing gloves”. Allstate’s boxing gloves include an aggressive strategy designed to deny and frustrate the claimant at any cost. Former Allstate employees coined this strategy the “three Ds”: deny, delay, and defend.

In fact, according to Allstate agent Shannon Kmatz, Allstate’s presentation by McKinsey included an alligator with the caption “sit and wait”. Allstate believed that this tactic would emphasize delay and eventually the claimant would give up. Allstate also believed that the tactic would result in attorneys turning down Allstate claims because prosecuting these claims would equal long delays and expensive litigation.

Former Allstate adjusters have said that Allstate rewards its adjusters for keeping claim payments low. Hell, according to one Allstate adjuster, in fire claims if the adjuster successfully and arbitrarily denied a fire claim on the basis of arson, the Allstate adjuster received a new portable refrigerator! I’m sure the policyholder living in a hotel because his family’s house is now BBQ really appreciates Allstate buying its adjuster that shiny, new refrigerator for denying the fire claim and calling the homeowner an arsonist. I am sure little Abby appreciates that too as she lies on a blanket in some hotel room while her dollhouse is a pile of melted plastic in her BBQ’ed room. But, hey, that’s the Allstate way!

And here are some statistics for you, according to the NAIC, complaints filed against Allstate are greater than almost all of its major competitors. Maryland has hit Allstate with a $18.6 million fine. Texas found Allstate overcharged homeowners throughout the state and the Lone Star State made Allstate pay more than $70 million. After Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana Department of Insurance received more complaints against Allstate than any other insurer (notably the Louisiana Department of Insurance did not slap Allstate with a fine, but what should we expect from a politician relying on campaign contributions from Allstate and gang). Even Florida and California have punished Allstate for screwing their claimants and policyholders.

Allstate sucks. Allstate, and its other insurance company Encompass, should not write one more insurance policy. Its CEO and all department heads should go to jail for stealing peoples’ premiums and screwing its policyholders. We need governments to revoke the Allstate way. The NCAA should not let Allstate use social detergent (buying a good reputation while screwing NCAA-graduate homeowners) to pull the wool over viewers eyes.

Ok, here is my disclaimer: The Brandner Law Firm sues Allstate, a lot. After Hurricane Katrina the Brandner Law Firm had homeowner insurance suits against Allstate and its other insurance company, Encompass – including a claim involving my grandparents’ house. We have also recently sued Allstate for ridiculously refusing to pay policy limits on a claim worth twice as much. Yes, we deal with Allstate a lot – homeowner insurance claims and automobile injury claims.

If you or someone you love has been injured, contact the Brandner Law Firm today at 504.552.5000 for a consultation.
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