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Blaze Alder  
Bellevue, WA
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 10:58 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I am a collision repair technician at a large bellevue body shop. The shop I work at is a direct repair facility for Allsnake Insurance. I can tell you with confidence that you are NOT in good hands with Allsnake. The shop I work at has direct repair agreements with over a dozen insurance companies and I can tell you that allstate is by far the worst and most predatory. We are forced to use inferior parts and cut corners if we want to get their business. We are graded on how many cheap parts we use, and if we use to many OEM (high quality) parts, we are downgraded and don't receive assignments from them. If it was up to me we would run them out of the shop.
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