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latham ny
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 03:56 PM Host: Write a comment

You know, this site was started for people upset with Allstate, not for folks to advertise. If you have Allstate as an insurance company, please, please change. After 10 years fighting with them over an accident my husband had, we give up. Yes - I GIVE UP! They suck, they do not care about the people they insure. He was hurt but by a woman late to get her hair cut, That B**** has changed our lives forever. We have gotten into screaming matches with them only to be denided any benifits he was intitled to. If anyone is reading this from Allstate - I hope you get screwed just like you have screwed all of us! You are only human just like us and it is only a job! How do you feel at night when you try to relax knowing that you are hurting poeple and financially some folk may NEVER recover???? We needed to file for bankruptcy because of the medical bills you should have paid for. SCREW YOU! How can you live with what you do to people?
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