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Bob Grenzow  
Sumas Wa
Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:59 PM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Very interesting the comment from Yourpremiumsinmypocket. The Allstate agent was my biggest problem. I was at fault only in trusting his word. After asking specifically for buisness coverage for our in home buisness,he told us we were good to go. I DID NOT READ OR UNDERSATAND THE POLOCY!! I took his word. 5 years later we had a fire in our shop and there was no help in the rebiuld from allstate. The ammount of the loss is relitivly small (under what the building would have been insured for if there was no buisness conducted out of it. IT IS MY FAULT FOR TRUSTING MY AGENT. Allstate says they are doing a internal investigation of the agent, however the issuing agent no longer works fot Allatate. SO they investigated the office manager instead?? Allstates claim was that they agent no longer worked for them and they had NO IDEA where he was. I googled his name and in 10 minutes found where he lives,his current occupation,PH# and hobbies. HOW CAN THEY EXPECT US TO ACCEPT THIS KIND OF ACTIONS!! We are just out for trusting a company that must be untrustworthy. We have yet to have a visit or phone call from our local Allstate agent even though we called the night of the fire and two other times for help. NO HELP FORM OUR ALLSTATE AGENT, this is unaccpetable.
Sorry for the long post, this has been going on for the last 9 months and appears to be far from over, the responce time to our submissions has been way over the 8 weeks that was promised to us.
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