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Saturday, January 31, 2009 11:00 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I had allstate for about 15 yr’s, in 06 I had a house fire they side they would take care of us. “OK” they came in to evaluate the cast of the damage they side they would rebuild it as it was. One month later noting. “called my own contractor “. allstate sent someone to do inventory for content, day one very little done 1 week later to cold very little done later they called can’t make it until the following week. Ok almost 2 month’s gone buy noting is getting done, we had to hired a public adjuster that would be 5% of everything we get. Allstate was to slow the public adjuster had it all done in one day. 3 months later we need some money to start the job. where’s the money, we had to use our content money so the contractor can start the job. Allstate knows they only give you so much time for housing, received the money four and a half months later from allstate. The check was small and they held back 33% of the money. There’s a lot more that when on. So at the end of one year out of the house and so much bull#*# later we are in the hole for 45.000.00 THOUSIN DOLLARS no letters stating why they won’t pay .2009 still asking for the money nothing ……………… . DON,T FORGET YOUR IN GOOD HANDS MY A!?* . P.S They canceled our insurance: and lawyer’s cost money.
Allstate there in good hands with your money. There no good for anybody I could call them every name in the book but you wouldn’t know until it happens to you.
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