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Are you serious people? Do people actually waste their time pouting on this site? This is just like a political campaign attack add. You can say all of these things about any insurance company in the country!! All companies have their pro's and con's but as far as being screwed over by any of these companies...its the insured's own fault. You as a citizen, have the right to pick and choose your company and agent at anytime. You have the right to cancel and switch if you are unhappy AT ANY TIME! You cant blame the insurance companies that you dont pay enough attention to the protection of your assets. Here's a couple of very simple pieces of advice...Tell the truth when asked questions from your agent regarding your insurance. Lying to your agent/producer only leaves you IMPROPERLY COVERED. No company in the world is going to pay for a claim when you have falsified information. Take the time to look over your policy and for god sakes people ASK QUESTIONS!!! Nobody likes insurance but unfortunately, we have to have it. Even the people in the insurance industry hate paying insurance. But it covers your @$$! Actually...the problem might just be that you need a better Allstate me
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